Purchase a USMC Recruit Training Matrix

The recruit training matrix shows what your recruit is doing each day of boot camp.

The EGA Shop has FREE* matrices available, for both San Diego and Parris Island. They measure 11 inches wide by 17 inches tall when open and are professionally printed on a nice gloss finish.

(*Matrix is free, just pay shipping and handling.)

Click here to get a 11 x 17 training matrix from the EGA Shop.

We also have 8.5 x 11 inch matrices available for you to print for free.

Click here to print the lettersize Parris Island Training Matrix.

Click here to print the lettersize San Diego Training Matrix.

For more detailed information about the training weeks, see the links in the navigation under "Matrix & Training Weeks".


We just received our first order from the EGA Shop. We now have the MarineParents Calendar and most importantly the Parris Island Recruit Training Matrix. Just having some idea of what our son will be doing everyday during boot camp is making his departure on Monday a little easier. We greatly appreciate Recruit Parents and Marine Parents for being there for us.
—Marty, member of Poolee Group

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