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Use Sandboxx Travel for all of your graduation travel arrangements. With over 15 years military travel experience their agents can recommend and book the best flights, hotel and car, as well as your recruit's ticket on the same flight. They will also contact your recruit with his flight itinerary. We recommend families make travel arrangements as early as three weeks after your recruit ships to boot camp to get the best prices (especially during the summer months.)

*Worried about date changes? Sandboxx offers a special program allowing for free date changes on flights and full reimbursement if your recruit doesn't complete graduation.


Book Your Trip to Boot Camp Graduation

Use the search bar below to start your travel arrangements or use the chat interface in the bottom right corner of your screen to contact Sandboxx for assistance.


Click here to book your flight.

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In just four easy steps you can send a letter to your recruit in boot camp with the Sandboxx app. With Sandboxx, you can type a letter from your phone, add a photo and hit send. Sandboxx will securely print your message and deliver it to your recruit. All letters sent before 5pm EST are delivered to the base the next business day. Sandboxx pre-sorts mail by company and platoon so that when it gets to the base, your recruit will receive it faster. Sandboxx also includes a self-addressed return envelope so that it is easier for your loved one to reply.

It takes four steps for the first send, but thereafter, it's just a couple clicks. Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign Up
    Create a Sandboxx account with just a few taps. Download App:
    Sandboxx app for android
    Sandboxx app for apple
  2. Connect
    If your loved one has already created an account, connect with them in the app. Not connected? You can still send them letters as long as you know their address.
  3. Send
    Sandboxx automatically and privately convert each letter into physical mail. Mail call has never been so frictionless.
  4. Receive
    The best thing about Sandboxx letters - they include a return envelope with each letter for swift return to you.

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